Llyona Fang 方佳音 is an Asian-American music composer, visual artist, and cosplayer. Fang founded the ReversalRain project in 2015 as a hybrid multimedia webcomic and band, featuring their solo works. In 2020, they joined the Japanese indie rock band, Tsaitogaisuto. Outside of original creations, Fang is an avid enjoyer of cosplay, and is currently an Official Genshin Impact & HoYoLAB Star Project Content Creator.

About the Characters

ReversalRain characters are created by Llyona Fang.

Melody JiayinLukkas IocuRenaye Igni LopesClarus SecoExpexes Juneti CypoJevon Jadin

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<p><h4>💙🌧️ Melody Rain Jiayin 🌧️💙</h4></p>
              <p>An artist, musician, and mechanic in training!</p>
              <p>🎶 Instrument: Piano</p>
                <p>The oldest child of the village mechanic has a strong fascination with science and arts and loves to explore the world around them.
                  You might find them looking up at the rain, climbing up a tree to sketch the sunset, or hear the faint harmony of piano music in the
                  distance when they’re in a creative mood. They may or may not be the perpetrator responsible for vandalizing the understory's trees
                  with various carving patterns. Like many others, they fear the darkness below the understory and its deep waters, but you'd have to
                  give them some credit for helping their father maintain the paddles that churn the ocean's surface. Be wary, they might throw you a
                  clever prank or sneak some notes out of your woodwind instruments while your attention is elsewhere.
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<p><h4>💜☁️ Lukkas Souta Iocu ☁️💜</h4></p>
            <p>A musician, archer, and wannabe dancer!</p>
            <p>🎶 Instrument: Flute</p>
              <p>The son of the village doctor isn't interested in following his father's steps, but loves to make the world a happier place with his
                frivolous entertainment! You might find him acting out a funny story while he grabs a drink at The Queen Been, or singing along to
                the faded tunes of some old record player. The call of his flute seems to speak to the birds in the sky, seemingly calming the wind
                for just a moment. While he may be an adventurous hunter when he climbs atop a lofty branch and patiently aims his arrow at quarry,
                he dares not to venture below the understory. In fact, he hates the thought of getting caught for breaking a rule. You could say he
                might just get a little ticked when peer pressure breaks his goody-two-shoes aura.<p><p>
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<p><h4>🧡🔥 Renaye Igni Lopes 🔥🧡</h4></p>
            <p>A technician, tailor, and jazz musician!</p>
            <p>🎶 Instrument: Trumpet</p>
              <p>The daughter of the village weaver and a retired trumpeter won't mess around when it comes to business. As a child prodigy, her work ethic and management
                skills quickly earn the respect of her superiors, rewarding her with the coolest job opportunities of any teenager in the region.
                You might find her tending to the flames in the local desalination plant, or working backstage in the village theatre to make sure
                the lighting is just right. She'll usually kick back at The Queen Been after her shifts, but don't worry, she knows to be home
                before the sun disappears. You might have a little trouble sleeping if you happen to be her neighbor though; the flare of her
                trumpet blasts an evening fanfare when her father makes her practice. Her free nights are spent meticulously sewing to bring her
                friend's fashion designs to life.<p><p>
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<p><h4>❤️🥀 Clarus Seco 🥀❤️</h4></p>
            <p>An athlete, daredevil, and musician!</p>
            <p>🎶 Instrument: Cello</p>
              <p>The son of the village chief is surprisingly laid back in spite of his father's expectations, taking a liking to breaking as
                many rules as possible. Despite this rebellious energy, he upholds a charismatic aura; you'll find yourself beguiled by his
                cunning eloquency. Regardless of his lack of depth perception, he is quite agile. You might catch him scaling the walls of the
                village clock tower, or leaping into the waters of the shadowed understory, catching a glimpse at the creatures below. Needless
                to say, the sunset curfew has been broken too many times. He often performs duets on stage with a skilled harpist. The rich dark
                tone of his cello glides over the night, seeming to awaken the whispers of souls that passed long ago.<p><p>
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<p><h4>💚🌸 Expexes Juneti Cypo 🌸💚</h4></p>
        <p>A dancer, musician, and fashion designer!</p>
        <p>🎶 Instrument: Harp</p>
          <p>The daughter of the chief council advisor and instrument craftsman hopes to live up to the expectations of her political and
            operatic mother, as her namesake suggests. A natural beauty trained in the classical arts, she captivated attention and made a
            name for herself as the village theater's harpist. Of course, she'd prefer to be known by her more straightforward middle name.
            You might find her tending to her home-grown garden, gracefully frolicking along the liana vines, or adorning the gentle pluck
            of her harp strings with a nourishing soprano voice. Fully supported by her parents, she creates brilliant nature-inspired
            fashion designs, hoping to start a new industry for trade with the ark dwellers. However, this apparent aura of success does
            seem to make her feel entitled to bending rules.<p><p>
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<p><h4>💛⏳Jevon Jadin⏳💛</h4></p>
       <p>A barista, musician, and aspiring physicist!</p>
        <p>🎶 Instrument: Guitar</p>
          <p>The son of employee at The Queen Been spends his nights dreaming of the shattered space beyond the sky. He knows
            that humanity's soaring mechanical beasts probably wouldn't be reinvented during his lifetime, but that won't thwart him from
            pursuing the physical sciences. You might find him in the grand clocktower after his barista shift, making repairs under the
            apprenticeship of the village mechanic, Mr. Jiayin. Running a cafe with his single mother proves to be quite exhausting, so
            listen carefully during the long evenings for the perfectly timed strumming and percussive strikes of his guitar strings as
            he releases his tension through gloved fingers. Weary of his third eye, some treated him as an outcast in his youth, but it's
            assured that he bears no ill omen.<p><p>
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About the Webcomic and Band

ReversalRain is a science fantasy slice of life/coming-of-age story told in multimedia webcomic format and written, illustrated, animated, and composed by A. L. Harjanto, known by the alias "Llyona Fang."

Current State of the Project: ReversalRain is in its early development stages, and has yet to be released. The majority of the soundtrack has been composed, as well as the story outline and scripts. For more updates or opportunities to contribute to the team, join the ReversalRain Discord.


You are an apprentice under your Zhakoran father, who happens to be the head mechanic of Cybrris Village. In the heart of the ocean rainforest, a mechanic’s job is quite straightforward: maintain the paddles that churn the ocean’s surface to keep refraction monsters at bay. Following the Era of the Second Lunar Cataclysm, Still Water became a dangerous state. Even the Ark Confederation’s ships dare not venture into tranquil seas, favoring the vicious patches of ocean tempest.

Origins of ReversalRain

Lyo discovered a passion for storywriting in their early childhood, and wrote multitudes of science-fantasy novels and short stories. These included "Voyage to Gliese/Apocalypse," "Melt," "Spirit of a Griffin," The Fallen Angel Series ("Fallen Angel," "Red Snow, "Time Spiral"), and more under the pen name "Dragon Fang". The worldbuilding aspects from these largely unfinished post-apocalyptic stories heavily influenced the setting of ReversalRain.

Inspired by Andrew Hussie's multimedia Homestuck webcomic, Fang created a fancomic called Mirrorstuck in August 2014. The early prototypes of ReversalRain characters started out as Homestuck fantrolls, hence why many of them follow the 6-letter name schematic (e.g. Llyona, Lukkas, Renaye, Clarus, Juneti, Jeavon). The first four characters' silhouettes were shown in the title page. The creation of Mirrorstuck drove Lyo to learn digital art, practicing with a Wacom Intuous tablet and Photoshop Elements Editor. They also experimented with music composition, creating short soundtrack pieces with MuseScore to accompany interactive Scratch animations. These songs evolved into the ReversalRain soundtrack.

A. L. Harjanto adopted the alias/record label "Llyona Fang" from that fantroll and discontinued Mirrorstuck, using its premise to start a new project called ReversalRain in 2015. Since the "Llyona Fang" alias now belonged to the author, the name of the story's protagonist was changed to "Melody Jiayin," based on Lyo's Chinese name (佳音) and its literal translation into "beautiful sound." ReversalRain incorporates both Fang's artistic and musical works into webcomics, soundtracks, video games, concept art, and stories centered around a group of 6 main characters and their families.

ReversalRain music originated as experimental ensemble scores with computer-generated audio. To imitate the effect of reflection, Harjanto employed techniques such as retrograde combined with reversed sound, so many ReversalRain tracks will retain the same melody when played backwards. These earlier tracks established RPG-like leitmotifs for the six main characters of the ReversalRain webcomic: Melody Rain Jiayin, Lukkas Souta Iocu, Renaye Igni Lopes, Clarus Seco, Expexes Juneti Cypo, and Jevon Jadin. These characters primarily play piano, flute, trumpet, cello, harp, and guitar respectively. Their leitmotifs within the officialReversalRain soundtrack reflect this instrumentation.

After years of creating with primarily MIDI, Fang shifted towards a new "bedroom pop" sound, utilizing raw self-recorded instrumentals and vocals in late 2019 with the creation of The Midst of Silence album, followed by the single Race of Fools in 2020. This shift in style also inspired Marvin Nauendorff's creation of the multicultural indie rock band Tsaitogaisuto ツァイトガイスト , which Fang is now part of as a multi-instrumentalist.

About the Creator


Leo Harjanto / "Llyona Fang" 方佳音

A. L. Harjanto was born in 2002 as an Asian-American. Beginning with a classical piano background from age 5, Harjanto sought out more instruments to learn, including the clarinet/bass clarinet, guitar/bass guitar, vibraphone, drumset, euphonium, saxophone, and voice. Along with a lifelong interest in the visual arts, Harjanto started composing music in 2015 under the alias of Llyona Fang and began creating a project called ReversalRain. Apart from being an experimental indie band, ReversalRain incorporates Harjanto's artistic and musical works into webcomics, soundtracks, video games, concept art, and stories.

Email: ReversalRain@gmail.com

Instagram: @LlyonaFang

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